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A Christmas Message from the Archbishop of Canterbury to the Anglican Communion

Posted on: December 21, 2020 10:50 AM

When there is a year like the year that we have had, I am overwhelmed with emotion at belonging to the Anglican Communion. You are such dear and wonderful sisters and brothers in Christ.

We are all in such different places. There have been some common features: the economic downturn; Covid in many, many countries. The common feature in which I rejoice is that you and we have reached out to Jesus Christ and he has responded and the sign of that response has been the heroism, the strength, the brilliance of the way that so many of us have lived.

So as we come towards the end of this year, to Christmas and the New Year, my prayer is that God strengthens all of us to love one another, to love our neighbours and to carry the love of Christ into a world that more and more shows its need of the news of Salvation, of repentance, of change.

May God give you - in whatever circumstances you are - a wonderful Christmas. A Christmas in which you know his love. And may He protect you and guard you, and us, in unity and hope, in this coming year.

  • Click here to read the Archbishop of Canterbury's Ecumenical Christmas Letter 2020.

A Christmas Message from the Archbishop of Canterbury to the Anglican Communion

English subtitles

’n Kersboodskap van Die Aartsbiskop van Canterbury aan die Anglikaanse Gemeenskap

Afrikaans subtitles

رسالة عيد الميلاد من رئيس أساقفة كانتربيرى إلى إتحاد الكنائس الأسقفية/ الأنجليكانية

Arabic subtitles

聖誕文告 坎特伯里大主教 普世聖公宗

Chinese subtitles

Un message de Noël de L’Archevêque de Cantorbéry à la communauté anglicane

French subtitles

एक क्रिसमस संदेश केंटबरी के आर्चबिशप की ओर से ऐंग्लिकन समुदाय को

Hindi subtitles

アングリカン・コミュニオンに向けて カンタベリー大主教からの クリスマスメッセージ

Japanese subtitles

세계 성공회 커뮤니티에 보내는 캔터베리 대주교 저스틴 웰비의 크리스마스 메세지

Korean subtitles

Uma mensagem de Natal do Arcebispo de Canterbury para a Comunhão Anglicana

Portuguese subtitles

Un mensaje de Navidad del arzobispo de Canterbury a la Comunión Anglicana

Spanish subtitles

Ujumbe wa Krismas kutoka kwa Askofu Mkuu wa Canterbury kwa Usharika wa Anglikana

Swahili subtitles

கிறிஸ்துமஸ் செய்தி கேன்டர்பரி பிரதான பேராயரிடமிருந்து எல்லா ஆங்கிலிக்கன் கம்யூனியன் அன்பர்களுக்கும்

Tamil subtitles

آرچ بشپ کینٹربری کی طرف سے انگلیائی کمیونین کو کرسمس کا پیغام

Urdu subtitles

Umyalezo weKrisimesi osuka Ku-Solufefe ese-Canterbury Kumadlelane aMatshetshi kwimdawo-ngendawo

Xhosa subtitles