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About Us


Contact information

To contact ACNS please email: [email protected] or telephone 020 7313 3905 (+44 20 7313 3905).



Editorial Team

Managing Editor: Vacant

Writer: Sophia Jones

Design: Daryl Booth



Editorial Guidelines


As far back as the 19th Century, members of the Anglican Communion recognised the importance of sharing information. Effective sharing of information has been described as the “lifeblood that enables the body of Christ to function effectively”[1]. It is this belief that good communication is vital for effective Communion life that lies at the heart of the Anglican Communion News Service (ACNS).

Editorial Values


ACNS is a service for the whole of the Anglican Communion. Primarily it exists to enable Member Churches to share their life and work with one other (and also with the media). It is also a service through which the Instruments of Communion can communicate information (recommendations, resolutions, decisions, outcomes, etc.) to the rest of the Communion.

The Director for Communications, based at the Anglican Communion Office, acts as ACNS’s Managing Editor. He and his staff work to the best of their ability to source and post news and information that support Communion Provinces in their efforts to undertake their collective part in God’s mission.

Reflecting Christ in the Communion

There is much to celebrate about our Anglican Communion at every level. Sadly the secular media in particular is eager to spotlight occasions when Anglicans disagree. Therefore ACNS’s primary role is to shine a light on Christ in the Communion, i.e. to highlight the best of Communion life and work and to celebrate our Bonds of Affection. This is not to ignore difficult issues, but rather the aim of ACNS is to provide members with a fuller, more complete picture of our worldwide family.

To this end, as our Anglican Communion is about so much more than simply financial support, ACNS also tries to avoid posting fundraising appeals unless there is a very strong news story behind it demonstrating the best of Communion life.

Avoiding harm and offence

We balance our duty to act as a communication channel of the whole Anglican Communion with our responsibility to protect the vulnerable from harm and avoid unjustifiable offence. While we endeavour to publish any relevant content sent by Member Churches, we reserve the right not to post anything that would put people at risk or that would reduce ACNS to a vehicle for maliciously criticising individuals, dioceses, Provinces or the Instruments of Communion.

Operational values


Sadly we do not have the capacity to translate all articles in languages spoken by most members of the Anglican Communion: Spanish, French, Portuguese, Swahili, etc. Therefore ACNS is currently in English only. Where we are supplied with articles in other languages we will do our best to publish them.


The Anglican Communion News Service posts relevant material to the as soon as possible. Each evening, for those who have subscribed, ACNS sends out an email highlighting some of the top items posted that day.

On occasion, breaking news items will be sent out via email alert to subscribers also. 


1. By the Anglican Communion Communications Working Group, March 2012