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Anglican Church of Melanesia celebrates 49 years since inauguration

Posted on: February 29, 2024 3:23 PM
Anglican Church of Melanesia celebration of 49 years since inauguration
Photo Credit: Anglican Church of Melanesia

Staff members of the Anglican Church of Melanesia’s (ACOM) Provincial headquarters Office, with the Diocese of Central Melanesia’s head office and the Bishop of the Diocese of Guadalcanal the Rt Reverend Benedict Loe, in Honiara, Solomon Islands gathered at All Saints church in Honiara on the morning of Friday 26th January to mark the inauguration of ACOM with a Holy Eucharist service. 

It was a celebration of the 49 year journey ACOM have had since becoming an independent province from the Anglican Province of New Zealand in 1975. The Holy Eucharist service provided a meaningful opportunity for ACOM staff to come together in unity and reflect on the rich history and profound significance of their faith. It also served as a reminder of the enduring commitment of ACOM to continue its mission and service to the people of the Melanesian islands. 

The service was a reflective occasion, with Rev. Nelson Bako, the newly appointed Mission Secretary of ACOM, delivering a beautiful sermon that highlighted the journey of the church's forebears and its vision and mission for the islands. 

In his sermon, Rev. Bako spoke passionately about the historical significance of the occasion, emphasising the dedication and sacrifice of those who laid the foundation for the church in the islands. He also underscored the ongoing commitment of ACOM to uphold and advance the values and principles that were established by its founders. 

Additionally, Rev. Davidson Nwaeramo from the ACOM Faith and Order office, who shared a brief historical account of ACOM, acknowledged the crucial role played by individuals such as George Augustus Selwyn and other pioneers of mission on the islands.

His presentation served as a tribute to their enduring legacy and the impact of their missionary work on the development of ACOM. 

Retired Bishop of the Diocese of Malaita, the Rt Rev. Sam Sahu in his Facebook account also joined the ACOM PHQ family shared his reflection on the journey of ACOM over the years independence, growth and development in her worship life, community living, and holistic mission.

A bigger celebration will be organized for the 50th Anniversary next year.